Monday, September 7, 2009


On a clear blue Thursday morning, September 3, 2009, Bruce Parfitt died. A candle burned at the foot of his bed all that day and into the night, long after the full moon rose in Williston, in Johnson, in Oshkosh, in Davison, in the Arizona desert and in the place where you are.
We have been calling family and friends, taking care of details, ourselves and each other.

It seemed to take most of the day and night to set up a legacy website. Here you will find the details of Bruce's life and a place to leave your thoughts for Bruce's family and friends like you.
Like this blog the legacy site is a growing, changing, group effort.

I know that Bruce gave you all many gifts -- his time, talents, knowledge, handiwork and care.
This photo shows a few of the tangible gifts he left us -- the work of his hands: a kinnickinick beaded deerskin pouch, birch-bark container, sweet fern lampshade, hollowed pine and deer-hide drum and the workbench on which they rest.

Best wishes to all of you,


  1. I have been and still am computer-less for a week now. By chance, I've snagged one and can post a small comment with more to follow. I want to thank Cheri, Josh, Arden and all those who took such good care of Bruce during his time of transition. Bruce had a good life, and he had a good death. Can one ask for more? Peace of mind and heart to all.
    Liz Kohan
    P.S. I believe Asa was around 3-4 when he first met Bruce. Noah was in 5th grade?!

  2. Liz!
    Thanks for posting.
    And for your kind and thoughtful words.