Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I hate to put a new post in front of Josh's most excellent "vanity fare." (But I just spoke to him, and I do know he's got another good news post yet to come.)

However, yesterday, Bruce's brother, Arden, sent photos that beg to be shared with friends of Bruce.

One week ago today, the same day that Bruce moved into hospice care here in Williston, Bruce and Arden's mom, Joan Parfitt, moved into an "assisted living" residence near Arden and his family. Bruce and Arden made it possible for their mom to move there. Joan, who is 89, is undergoing chemotherapy as Bruce did for much of the past year.

You can see by these photos that Joan's new place is cozy and filled with stuff that makes her happy -- including photos of Bruce's land (on the wall) and the last photo I took of Bruce as he received the extraordinary wool quilt made by Joan and finished with the help of her good friends in Oshkosh.

Even those of you who don't know this incredible, strong and upbeat woman can't help but see the sparkle in her eyes and will recognize Bruce in her face.

Tonight when my spouse Steve Mease and I visited Bruce, the nurse said that she and Arden were going to try to arrange for Joan to talk to Bruce again this eve.

While Bruce may no longer be seeing this blog-gathering-place of his friends or reading your messages himself (I now read them to him). I know that Joan Parfitt would be mightily uplifted by your cards and letters saying you are a friend of Bruce.

Drop her a line, a favorite memory of Bruce or a wish for her, Arden, his wife Katie and their family:
Joan Parfitt
206 North Main Street
DeForest, Wisconsin 53532


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