Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Josh, while valiantly trying to find key documents, pay bills and handle finances, found this photo of Bruce and suggested I post it for you.

Dark hair! thought I when I first saw it. I do believe I took this in front of my place the very first time Bruce visited for Christmas. Liz Kohan can post the year they came -- when was that?

Pensive Norwegian.

Every day since Bruce went to the hospital and then hospice, I watch the changes. This week he has changed from eating chewable foods to soft foods to fasting and today, just taking a bit of liquids. 'From working hard to talk, to listening, to turning his attention inward.

Bruce has had just over one full year since his cancer diagnosis -- treatment, preparing, travel, visits, connecting with friends. He would say he's right on schedule -- the weather and landscape turned to autumn. The moon waxes toward full. ~CDorschner

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  1. What a great photo! I am writing this as I listen to The Amidons and their song Plovi Barko. Bruce shared with me the beautiful a cappella music on tape when I was a student at UofM-F and those tapes traveled with me as I interned all over the country. My friendship with you Bruce is very meaningful to me. You helped me in so many ways. I remember as a young student struggling to complete a paper in another class/ subject Animal Behavior and how patiently you helped me. I came to you crying and you Bruce were so kind and calm and helped me in more ways then you know. I remember our meal in Ann Arbor and when I drive by the side of a high way road I think now "why don't they plant native pine trees", I think of you as I cut and remove thick monocultures of Phragmites in the wetlands near my home. It was you who inspired me in my greatest love of all, my love of plants. My love goes out to you my special friend Bruce. Jessica