Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Finally completed...and...a tradition

Today, after two days of planning and thinking about how best to install a vanity in Bruce's basement bathroom...it's complete! It was a tricky installation, cutting around pipes (you might be able to see some in the photo) and designing a new drain that would fit to the vintage 1950s design that couldn't be entirely removed. Although imperfect because it's a very old bathroom with slanted floors and extremely hard cement walls it would please Bruce, I'm sure; and NO leaks!
The vanity had been sitting askew, partially assembled since my last visit to Vermont back during my spring break in March. Bruce was unable to finish it because of lack of strength and pain while moving his shoulder. However, I was happy to finish it during my short stay in Vermont (I looked forward to working on projects like these; the tile in this photo was something Bruce and I completed during Christmas break 2008 and the nearby kitchen with Sommer Schons during summer 2008).

Tonight, as a celebration I'm going to continue a tradition Bruce and I had when I visited: Moose 'hunting' near Eden, VT. Although he and I have only seen two moose all these times I've visited "Mooseberry Camp" (about 14 times total now) we kept trying and I'll cross my fingers that a bull moose will grace me with his presence tonight.


  1. Lookin' Good Josh! Wow. And it's only appropriate that on Bruce's Blog there's a photo of a bathroom! Even if it is only the apartment loo. ~CDorschner

  2. Cheri you're hilarious. Nice work Josh! And may the Moose be with you! Hope you guys are doing well!

  3. Mandy, Post here that YouTube video of you and Joe Sucic and the other student!