Friday, August 7, 2009

Blitz Kåfer Flies In

Amanda "Blitz Käefer" Sheehy flew to Burlington, Vermont on Tuesday, 4 August -- at night, of course.

During her first day in Vermont, she got acquainted with the lay of the land in Williston, running three miles, eating raspberries off the brambles, gathering eggs, herbs and
Swiss Chard for lunch and later figuring out how to ignore the hand controls and the co-pilot in order to drive Bruce's red Honda.

The duo headed for Johnson late on Wednesday, returned to Burlington for a medical appointment and lakeside lunch (Lake Champlain, that is,) on Thursday and are back in Johnson, scouting moose and threatening to visit Lake Elmore on Friday.

Stay tuned!


  1. Glad to see you posted the Julia and Julie poster in time for the movie opening. Do the chickens know what Julia Child did with chickens?

  2. Aaaawk buk buk! ~CD

  3. Great site, the ohotos are wonderful. That said, those chickens appear to have it better than me, nice digs... but not as good as the herons.

    Greetings from Colorado, which is actually lush this year!


  4. Leo!!!!!!! Wonderful to hear from you!
    You must be back from Canada and your research sabbatical!
    Since you're lush and we're in a rainy hollow, I'll send you some slugs et escargot! ~CD

  5. I said Colorado was lush... I did not say that I was a lush! :) Yes, I'm back and settling in to a routine again... ugh! Or should I say "eh!" LPB