Friday, August 14, 2009

Mandy and Bruce

Hello Everyone!

So I've been here helping out Bruce and becoming introduced to Vermont now for the past week and a half, and it has been quite the experience. Bruce has done his best to show me as much as he can, while maximizing his energy. We've gone moose hunting (not with a gun of course,) driven up to Smuggler's Notch, went up Mt. Mansfield, and visited the town of Stowe. We stopped off in the town of Jericho and went to Elmore State Park. In the mornings I've also been hiking along parts of the Long Trail, which actually I think is the most beautiful (from Johnson, going north.) The Long Trail actually extends through the entirety of Vermont, and I've fallen in love with it. I can absolutely see why wonderful people come to Vermont to live, as it
has completely won me over as well.

As for Bruce, he's handling everything with his characteristic tenacity. He continues to go to PT three times a week, and just got set up with a new doctor, Julie Olin, and her sidekick Nurse Practitioner Liesl Steiner. These two are "a gift," as Maggie Miller has put it. And they are. They're doing a great job of working with Bruce to figure his difficult way through these woods that none of us have had to navigate.

On a side note, yesterday a surprise arrived for Bruce: a beautiful quilt that that Bruce's mother, Joan, had been working on for 5 YEARS! She and several other women spent countless hours on this thing. Amazing!

Which brings us to today, when Cheryl Dorschner's car died in the middle of downtown Johnson on her way to visit. The tow company wanted to charge her $200 to come from Williston to retrieve her vehicle. Could life get any easier? But she made it here! Thank goodness! We missed her! So after an evening of a lots of laughs, Cheryl was rescued by her wonderful husband Steve. I guess we'll be seeing her again soon, since her car is trapped in Johnson (harharhar.)

That's all for now I guess. Hope everyone is having a good night!

~Mandy Sheehy

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