Wednesday, August 5, 2009


The incredible,indomitable, adept paddler (just back from the inner regions of Algonquin Park, Ontario and next week off to the famed wild Boundary Waters of Minnesota) -- Asa Mease -- was Bruce Parfitt's personal guide and canoe guru, so the Brooce could once again ride his gorgeous green Merrimac in Vermont waters.
(Asa took Bruce and his mom, Joan Parfitt, on a short trip last year.)

Asa was at the stern of Bruce's canoe on Lake Iroquois, for a few hours(!) the afternoon of Tuesday, 4 August.

While the destination is barely 2 1/2 miles from the Dorschner's red brick farmhouse. The duo and their driver spent about two hours scouting other ponds. Nix the Google map. It led them astray but onto many back roads in the towns of Essex and Colchester. And ultimately, they found one other accessible pond and one inaccessible.

Iroquois allows motor boats and water skiers, but they were no match for the mighty Mease. Neither was a firm head wind. The 15-year-old boatsman steered the craft into many coves, around islands and along shores for wildlife viewing.
All bird photos here were taken by Bruce.
Seen: four great blue heron, two painted turtles, kingfisher, downy woodpecker, two ovenbirds, one dead catfish and tons of milfoil and underwater schmutz.

A long day for the Brooce. He slept that night. ~C. Dorschner

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  1. "Thinking about you Punky Brucester! Wish I was taking another trip to Vermont this summer!"

    Sommer Schons