Thursday, August 27, 2009


Hedges of goldenrod line the roadsides and skirt the woods -- they're huge this year. A convention of starlings rose in the cool blue sky, then settled on a long wire leading to this Respite House. The air turned chilly last night. It felt like the first day of autumn here in northern Vermont.

Bruce's windows are open most of the day bringing in the scent of some tall mint. Its white flowers reach right up to the two feeders. We can't believe our eyes when a bald male cardinal arrives at dusk (too embarrassed to feed in broad daylight). I say he's a cross between cardinal and vulture. I've parked Bruce's red Honda CRV within sight of this window. A rabbit sat at the edge of the garden below his window while I filled one of the feeders with fresh thistle seed.

Today we have the 1970 edition of "The Notebook" from Oshkosh High School. When Bruce wakes up I promise to tease him about how geeky he looks in his senior photo. Yesterday I found a little polaroid of him -- maybe pre-teen. His black plastic glasses and a plaid shirt are a little too much against the faux mortared stone wall!

Things have been quiet the past two days. More sleeping. Less eating. More oxy-drugs. When Josh and I were here last night, though, he polished off a decent supper of homemade quiche, fruit salad, jello -- there's always room or that -- and drinks. Folks here are such good care givers -- they even brought him a blanket patterned with log cabins, spruce, moose and cardinals (only these appear to have a crest and full feathers!) ~CDorschner

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