Wednesday, August 5, 2009


From 28 July through 5 August, Bruce "vacationed" in Williston, Vermont where the Dorschner Mease family tried to "fatten him up" and keep an eye on his four-hour med. routine. Thanks to all the phone callers -- Glen Susmilch, Russy Rankin, Joan Parfitt, Josh Springer, Amanda Sheehy and others! Also it was fun that neighbor Marianne Riordan strolled over to catch up on news since Bruce attended a party at their place a way back, not just one party, either.

Friday, 31 August was a series of three appointments in Morrisville, VT (or by phone), alas, with a nurse who called herself "Dr. Cheri" (No Joke! I do not mean me either!) screwing up royally, one stop created four stops including backtracking -- it all made for a grueling day.

However, one highlight was a stop at an original, family-owned "drive-in snack shop" that had EVERYTHING on the menu from poutine to fried zucchini, from bison burgers to maple creemees (out-of-staters -- that's soft-serve ice cream). Bruce ordered fried clams, sweet potato fries and a chocolate malt. Not bad for starters, eh?

The other treat was seeing Bruce's neighbor down the road (literally) Bob "Bovine" Boivin, a native Johnsonite and retired plumber, who happened to be standing outside his front door. Bruce and Bob chatted it up for 20 minutes maybe more. 'Definitely should've taken a photo, as Bob has an impressive beard. BTW, Bob knew all about the ambulance arriving at Bruce's the eve of 23 July -- 'heard it on the scanner! 'Probably everybody did! Gasp. ~C. Dorschner
Treacherous falls and whirlpools just downstream from Bruce's "camp" on the Lamoille.

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