Tuesday, August 25, 2009


...of garden flowers (This week it's 'Limelight' hydrangea and pendulous fuchsia).

What a difference a day makes! Actually, the difference is Bruce's long awaited move, this morning from the hospital to the extraordinary atmosphere and caring kindness of Vermont Respite House in Williston, Vermont. (And it doesn't hurt a bit that Bruce set eyes on Josh Springer for the first time since spring.)

Before his arrival early this morning, I decorated his home-away-from-Mooseberry-Camp with fresh flowers, his favorite Eliot Porter poster, family photos, a crayon drawing Bruce did in 1963, an Algonquin Park moose crossing sign, the famous "Danger Bruce's Room" placard and photos of Leopold's Cabin, Horicon Marsh and Leopold's woods. Josh brought two original Parfitt paintings.

'Looks like home.


The Spruce man perked up at the action outside his window -- a bald cardinal(!), American goldfinches and various sparrows. There was a tussle and Josh scared a Cooper's hawk from under the feeder. ('Evidently looking for a snack!).

There was plenty of snacking on the room-side of the window too. Bruce tested the home cooking -- quiche, deviled egg, fruit salad for lunch -- somehow that beat out the Ensure. We talked, told stories on each other and laughed.

When Steve Mease stopped in to see Bruce in his new digs at about 6 p.m. He was sound asleep. We had wore him out, surely.

Bruce received a card and letter from Lisette Boss of California.

Tomorrow, he'll see this photo sent by Glen Susmilch of Vail, Colorado. I know, I know, all of you who did not know Bruce in 1974, when this photo was taken on New Year's Eve -- I hear you whistling (whit wheeoo!) Same mustache? He was a "looker." And check out the PLAID sport jacket. This was a dress-up event at 210 Jackson in Oshkosh b'gosh. Thanks Glen! ~CDorschner


  1. That photo looks familiar! Yikes! I think I was at that party...Hope today is a good day for you Bruce.

  2. Love the photo, Bruce! Thinking about you today and glad they are taking good care of you in Vermont :)

    Julia Brown