Saturday, August 22, 2009

Changing plans

During my travels across the country the past few weeks I've had some time to think.

Bruce and I planned my upcoming trip to Mooseberry camp in Johnson around late May with the hopes of going canoeing, working on some of the many (zillions) of small projects that I always helped him with or, (our ambitions always ran high), even trying to get him out to the Atlantic coast again to have lobster (which we had been happily able to do over Christmas break, 2008 while we birded the New Hampshire and Massachusetts coasts).

Unfortunately we may not be able to do many of those things on this visit. However, I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing "The Bruce" again Monday the 24 or Tuesday the 25th. Hopefully we can get into one of our lively discussions on any number of topics and have a few good laughs and share stories of my travels to Glacier National Park and my research with "my brother from another mother" as I sometimes used to joke with him.

I still plan on checking a few things off the lists that he always had for me whenever I visited. He always had things that he wanted me to do that he was unable to do and we always sat down at dinner each night crossing the days accomplishments off. Hopefully I'll install the vanity in his basement bathroom that he purchased in March when I visited on my spring break. I will also see his neighbor, Maggie Miller whom I've known since I first visited Mooseberry camp in 2004 with Erin Harris.


  1. Wait! This is all new to me....what's going on?

  2. Have a wonderful visit with Dr. P. Let him know I miss him & I'm thinking of him. I'll be following the blog...
    Take care,

  3. Lisette, Bruce received your card and wonderful letter today! Thanks so much for your thoughts, news and very best wishes. ~CDorschner