Sunday, August 30, 2009


'Just had one of those quirky "signs and wonders" experiences that will likely increase in the coming weeks. Years ago, Bruce became a fan of the music of my long-time folk- and shape-note-singing friends, the nationally known Vermont singer/songwriters MaryAlice & Peter Amidon. So for the past hour, I've been playing some of his favorites from "I'll Never Forget" on itunes here at Vermont Respite House hospice in Williston. I was about to give you all the link to their site, and in doing so, I see they've just published a book and in 2006 a CD called "Angels Hovering Round: Songs for Hospice and Healing." Just the thing for here and now. Perhaps some of their and their sons' music will speak to you too.

Josh Springer and I visited earlier today (a slightly livelier time of day), but I came back to see whether I could help Bruce have an 8 p.m. snack of chicken noodle soup, fruit, jello and juice. Progress. The great night nurse, Dan and I wrangled a pill into submission. I suppose that's more info. than y'all want to know -- fact is, the medical team is getting a little more creative with medications, switching as many as possible to liquid and tomorrow will talk about making some med. changes to keep Bruce comfortable.

We were all glad to see a cardinal with full plumage at the feeder today along with chickadees and ugly sparrows. The arrival of a squirrel to the feeder, certainly got a rise out of Bruce, as we discussed the possibilty of, er, shooting him from this side of the window. We were kidding! But, oh, oh, right after that, wafting our way was the strong smell of skunk!

Today Bruce heard emails and phone messages from Russy Rankin, Joan Korb, Kelly "Fox" Baran, Elizabeth Lee, Amanda Pullman and Mary Jansen. Appreciation.


  1. Hi...I've got my flights, I'll be in Williston on Friday. I could bring a BB gun to help with the squirrels...I'm a great shot. Years ago Bruce taught me to skin, clean and stretch a squirrel hide. I still have it hanging on a wall in the garage.
    Thanks for the phone call on Sunday. See you all soon.
    Joan Korb

  2. Hello Bruce
    Just got back from TX. Bit warmer there than VT. I was mainly in the cooler region, mid-high 80s. Squirrel season should be right around the corner in VT, convert the varmit to squirrel and dumplings. JDS