Wednesday, August 5, 2009

No Starting at the Beginning

As a writer, it's tempting to write a "beginning" to this story. Luckily for me, you can't pre-date blogs -- that is -- write "earlier chapters" and insert them where they "belong."

So I need to start where we are now.

In July.

However, I do hope that Steve Mease, official event photographer, will create a collage of Bruce images from the year previous to this July. He has some great shots of Bruce's 2008-2009 Easter, Christmas, possibly birthday and possibly events such as his attending Fourth of July celebration, graduations and his famous phamous photos of Garrison Keillor taken at the concert he attended last summer.

Enough of the year gone by -- although you're all welcome to send photos and such.
~C. Dorschner


  1. This is a test comment from Russy.

  2. This is the third time I have tried to write more than "the test". The first time my post disappeared and the second time I didn't fit any profile. Now I do I am anonymous Russy! Any way dear Bruce please send more pics of your house. I would love to see it and Glen says it sounds wonderful. In return I will send you pics of Hannah's butterfly garden. The garden is half the size it will be next year but the bones of it are all laid out. Totally accessible for Hannah. No more off roading to reach this garden. (Sometimes I feel like an abusive mom when I am pushing her to the barn or back to the trees.) In closing I want to know what everyone is asking, "Has it stopped raining in Vermont yet?" Love you, Russy

  3. Lol Russy, you're comment field does work. I love your theme, it's beautiful.

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