Saturday, August 15, 2009

Parfitt Patchwork

Amanda mentioned the quilt (and two pillow shams) that arrived. Breathtaking. Beautiful wool, much of it from the famous Johnson Woolen Mill in town (makers of classic buffalo plaids and other traditional wools).

I first learned about it when Bruce's mom, Joan Parfitt of Oshkosh, Wisconsin called for his street address to ship it. I also talked to Joan's friend and fellow quilter, Cindy Thompson, who promises to share this blog with computerless Joan. Many of you know that Joan would be here helping take care of Bruce, if she weren't undergoing chemotherapy herself. She has already won many battles with cancer.

I grabbed a photo of Bruce and the new quilt in his living room. What a beauty. The quilt, I mean! ~CDorschner


  1. Come on...Bruce can be a "Beauty", too...Especially wrapped in that quilt in August! You look good Bruce...see you in September after Josh leaves. jmk

  2. Bruce's cousin Sandy (Barth) Barrette sent this via emai -- worth a wider audience! "thank you so much for sharing the blog information. What a beautiful tribute to Bruce. I see he has my aunt Joan's determination and spirit. The quilt does not surprise me at all - a great long-distance "hug." Joan is an amazing lady and I admire her deeply." ~CDorschner
    p.s. I love Sandy's observation of the quilt as an enormous wrap-around hug, and indeed, the picture testifies to that!